C program for arithmetic operations using switch case and do while loop

A switch case is used to select one among multiple options.

To perform arithmetic operations, we create case for each operator, for matching operator it will call appropriate case statement and execute the statements.

In our program we will use switch case statement and do while loop statement

You can check both details here

  1. Switch Case Statement
  2. Do While Loop Statement

C program for arithmetic operations using switch case

Lets see steps to write this C program

  1. Declare variables
  2. start loop
  3. get num1 ,operator, num2 value from user
  4. start switch case and pass operator in switch case
  5. write case for arithmetic operators and its associated statements
  6. define default in switch case
  7. Take input from user to check loop continuity
  8. if user enters yes the repeat step 2-7 else end the loop.


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